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Finance Management

Ximply is the painkiller that will effectively reduce the complexity.
It is simple as it is, Your Life Becomes Ximply.

All You Need is Here

You have it in the palm of your hand. A whole package of expense and spending plans for creating smarter cash flow.

Better cost control. Get real-time visibility and digitizes all your expenses records. Auto-generate receipts with our SmartScan speed the reimbursement process.

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Minimize risk and improve efficiency. Track and manage your spending by controlling the limits. Analyze the spending behavior through in-depth insight. Reduced and prevent overspending, leading to cost savings for the business.

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Empower yourself to achieve your financial goals with Ximply. Get the best deal in town with our merchant’s promo. 

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Simplify your business’s financial journey, by offering smart features for an easy-to-use experience. Discover the seamless and elevated way to manage your business finances with Ximply. 

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Our Commitment to You


Digital Privacy

Your data is safe with us. We ensure the protection of users information.

Live Support 

Your satisfaction is our priority. You’ll be assisted by our live support team through the entire process.


Get ready to enjoy various benefits and discounts from our merchant partners. Use them to get double cost efficiency.


A smarter way to spend wisely. Fulfill all your needs and get rewarded by earning more points that can be redeemed.

Life Becomes Ximply

Your journey to Ximplicity begins here

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