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Get the information you need with our frequently asked questions. 

  1. Easy to learn and use: Our software is very simple and easy to use making training quick and easy. We also provide professional training to help you use our software.
  2. Customizable: Ximply allow for customization to fit your company needs.
  3. Anytime anywhere: Edit and submit your expense with your mobile phone through our app. Connect to our server anytime anywhere with internet.
  1. Spend management: Allow for admin to create small group each for its own purpose. Managers and admin then can set limit used for each group to control company spending. Report of spending can be view through our auto report or integrated software.
  2. Expense management: Employee can claim reimbursements with just a photo. Our technology automatically fills in the purchase data including name of user, time, place, category, merchant, and amount. The user then can submit the report to his/her manager with one click.

It is important as expense management control where company money went. Company run on money, the better the control of money distribution the faster the company will grow.

Expense management record company spending so you know where the money was spent. It prevents illegal purchases and loss of money. The less money loss the more money can be spend on building the company.

Ximply is suitable for companies of all sizes and every industry. Ximply aims to solve the common problem every company has which is managing spending and documentation. We help turn the complexity that defined spend management into simplicity.

For the admin please contact us so that we can set up your own company account. Employee can sign up from our website and us email to connect to their company.

Yes, we have the free trial for the basic account. Please contact us to try the free trial.

Our opening hour start from 9.00 AM and ends at 5.00 PM WIB from Monday to Friday.

No documents are required but some data is still needed. The data include company name, company size, and company average spending per month.

The information filled are name of user, client, time, place, category, merchant, and amount. While as the user we provide a comment section for filling in the business purpose and other details.

Both admin and those given the access to by admin can view all reimbursement either pending, approved or canceled claim.

Every user has the permission to create and submit claims. Approvals can only be done by admin or someone who the admin have given access.

Admin and managers can go to manage spend then approval. There they can pick which claim to be approve or reject.

User can choose whether to pay the subscriptions monthly or yearly before used

Anyone who is a part of a company can contact us to set up a company account. Employees then can sign up on our website or app to join the company account.

In the dashboard there is rewards section, click view all and pick the rewards you want to choose. The rewards include discount from specific merchant which can be used in any location.

We deploy https and SSL encryption in order to ensure the safety of your company data. Call centre are also available from 9.00 AM and ends at 5.00 PM WIB from Monday to Friday if there are any emergencies or problems occurred.

Currently the only supported currencies is Indonesia rupiah.

In the Future :

Admin can enter employees’ email so our system can send invitation to other employees.

They can open their email and choose to accept the invitation. If they accept it, they will be transfer to sign up page to fill in the details.

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