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Ximply is a Finance Management Automation established in 2022 and owned by PT Aplikasi Lintas Bangsa, a Finance Technology Company.

In this generation, we never seem to have enough time to get everything done. Too much to do, too little time. 
Here, we bring a tool that not only allows you to save both Time and Money, but also gives you Control
Ximply is the painkiller that will effectively reduce the complexity; an end-to-end solutions for your financial management. 
It is simple as it is, your Life Becomes Ximply.

Let’s get off the ground and grow with 

Our Products

Expense Management

Managing receipts and reimbursements. Scan your receipt with the help of Intelligent Scan.

Budget Management

Limit your daily spending. Monitor and allocate budget accurately with detailed information.

Personal Card

Get a better handle on all of financial data, from scenario to reporting on our cloud-based system.

Coorporate Card

All in one virtual and physical cards designed to grow your business. Available instantly and accepted everywhere.

Our Partners

Life Becomes Ximply

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